Meals Made Easy

Meals Made Easy

A weekly newsletter where I share one new fabulously delicious and easy recipe! All recipes are made in under an hour and created with family (and dishes) in mind! Easy clean-up, delicious new recipes. win win!

Each week you will receive one recipe that consists of a full meal that feeds 4-6 people. Recipes will be written in a simplified manner that are easy to follow and basically fool proof! You will expand your palate and food knowledge all while gaining confidence in the kitchen.

I will provide swaps for every ingredient incase you simply just don’t want/like a specific ingredient! Each new/interesting ingredient will be explained so you can get to know it before trying!

Most importantly, this weekly meal will help you get dinner on the table in an hour or less, all while keeping the dishes minimal and making sure your family is healthy, satisfied and happy!

So click the subscribe button and let’s get cooking! 🙂