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Welcome to Brooks Lately Blog! I am Caroline, recipe developer and stay at home mom of two! I am so glad you are here! Here is a little breakdown of what you’ll see here!

I have over 200 free recipes for you to access through the blog or recipe index page. I also have a wonderful meal subscription newsletter that comes straight to your inbox every Saturday morning. This is a full meal *NEW WEEKLY* recipe that feeds a family of 4-6 with little dishes and under 45 minutes! Finally, you’ll see my “meal plans” tab that has 2 full meal plans to choose from! Both include over 16 weeknight recipes and grocery lists to make your dinners easy, healthy and most importantly yummy!

Have questions about a recipe? Want to work together? Or need more information about Meals Made Easy or my Meal Plans? Feel free to email me at brooksbohne@gmail.com