Cinco De Mayo Recipe Roundup UPDATE


Whether you’re throwing a party or making a small dinner for your family, there is something for you! I’ve added all my favorite recipes and drinks to the list! All of which will be perfect for your fiesta!

Please don’t forget to tag me and share the recipes you make in your stories or leave a comment below the blog post! It is much appreciated and so helpful for others to find the yummy recipes you love! Have a fun and safe weekend!

PS. Drink a margarita or two for me 🙂

Sausage Queso

Love a good cheese dip? I am not lying when I say this is all everyone eats at my parties! Its a fan fav for sure! So easy, not the healthiest but its GOOD! Pop it in a crockpot and keep it warm all party long!

Classic Guacamole

I’m sorry but I think I speak for everyone when I say no Cinco de Mayo would be complete without guac. This quacamole is so quick and easy there is no excuse not to add it to your spread! 

7-Layer Dip

A classic dip but add spicy/seasoned meat! The best dip with a little twist that tastes delicious hot or cold! TIP: assemble ahead of time and wait until serving time to add on guac and sour cream! If you have to make it head make sure the cover with plastic wrap tightly over(touching) the guac so it doesn’t brown!

Southwest Egg Rolls

Ok probably not the most authentic Mexican dish out there but they are a fan favorite and get ALL the love on my site! Trust me. Try them! 

Crispy Baked Tacos

Probably one of my favorite tacos to date! I love a crunchy baked shell with lots of melty cheese and this is just that! Add in all your favorite toppings to a bar and let your guests dress up their tacos! SO much fun and so easy!

One-Skillet Taco Pasta

I’ll personally be making this one this week! It’s a one pot dish, minimal ingredients and basically a cheesy taco in a bowl on top of some noodles. I mean its literally the best! 

Beef Chili Relleno 

I am not the biggest fan of stuffed peppers, I find that the peppers are too crunchy, but hear me out! The pepper is battered and fried and stuffed with cheesy spicy beef! SOOOO delicious and authentic! 

Sour Cream Enchiladas

My husbands personal favorite! Shredded chicken, creamy sour cream sauce wrapped in a tortilla. How could it be bad?!


Crunch wrap Supreme

You all know the one we love from taco bell?! But at HOME! So easy and definitely something the whole family will love!! If you haven’t tried this you MUST!


Lazy Skillet Enchiladas

My new favorite way to make enchiladas! No cooking necessary, just dump, layer and bake!! So quick and easy and perfect for a crowd!


Crispy Pork Carnitas

I will forever be making my slow cooked meat crunchy 🙂 Head to the post to see the simple thing I do that completely changes the flavor of any slow cooked meat!! 


Taco Lasagna

My #1 recipe Mexican recipe on the website is definitely this Taco Lasagna. Simple and packs in so much flavor!! Your whole family will be begging you to make this every week!! 


Strawberry Basil Margarita

A little sweet, fresh and perfectly balanced! Don’t forget the sugar rim 🙂

Classic Margarita

My personal favorite out of the bunch! Sweet/sour and classic! I personally don’t think we need to mess with a classic!

Skinny Margarita (Ranch Water)

The skinny version! Simple but delicious! My husbands new drink of choice year round! 

I hope these all helped give you some inspo for your Cinco De Mayo fiesta! No matter how you’re celebrating eat something DELICIOUS! Again, don’t forget to tag and share all the delicious things you make! It means the world to me !



Happy Cinco De Mayo — CHEERS 


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