My Kitchen Faves!

I have rounded up my top 20 most used & wish list kitchen items. Any of these items would be perfect for the cook in your family or even someone who is ready to test out their skills in the kitchen! Disclaimer: some of these items are pricey, but the thing to remember about kitchen appliances is that they last FOREVER!!! When you buy great quality products the product basically buys itself over 20+ years! Send this list to your husband or wife and give them some good hints at what you’re eyeing! I know I will 🙂

1. Le Cruset Dutch Oven 2. Food Processor 3. Digital Thermometer 4. Salt Container
5. Stand Mixer 6. Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker/Air Fryer 7. Boos Chopping Block 8. Grill Pan
9. Pepper Mill 10. Bench Scraper 11. Baking Sheets 12. Kitchen Towels 13. Nespresso 14. Coffee Mugs 15. Automatic Wine Opener 16. Coravin Wine Opener 17. Spoon Rest 18. Highball Glasses
19. Jumbo Ice Cube Mold 20. Sou Vide

1. Dutch Oven: I use this pan almost every time I cook! You can use it on the stove top or in the oven, even on the grill! The ceramic material allows it to regulate temperature perfectly and will last you many many years!! This is an investment piece but I am 100% obsessed and swear by this brand!!
2. Food Processor: Another favorite in the kitchen! I use it to process foods like marinades, pestos, etc. But its also so incredibly nice to shred cheese, carrots, or anything!! It comes with attachments and will also last you forever!!
3. Digital Thermometer: No matter if you’re a chef or just starting out this tool is 100% necessary. If you want to make sure your meat is perfectly cooked this is really the only way to find out. This cheap little tool is one of my most used!
4. Salt Container: 1st off its so cute, 2nd its the best! Looks nice on the counter and is easy access for all of your salt needs!
5. Stand Mixer: Get this for your favorite baker, kid graduating college, newly weds. This is a kitchen must have! I love mine when I’m baking or even just shredding chicken! Will last you many years and it’s so cute on display!
6. Ninja Foodi: This is on my list this year! I have heard wonderful things about it! It slow cooks in no time and also air frys! I will keep y’all updated but this one better be under the tree this year 😉
7. Boos Chopping Block: One of my most prized possessions! I leave it out on my counter and use it literally every time I’m in the kitchen! Anyone who loves cooking would LOVE this!
8. Grill Pan: These are so nice because you can grill right on your stove top! And get awesome grill marks!!
9. Pepper Mill: I just love mine! I find it necessary to grind your own pepper and they look so cute next to your salt holder!
10. Bench Scraper: Hate moving chopped veggies to the stove top!? Now you can scoop them with this! Also, works so nice for dough!
11. Baking Sheets: I feel like you can’t have enough of these! Mine always get dirty! Might as well start out the year with a new set!
12. Kitchen Towels: You know I love these! Also, I can’t get enough of them!! Less laundry 🙂
13. Nespresso: This is another one that’s on my list! Its on sale and I’m pretty sure everyone that has one is obsessed!! Great wedding present also!
14. Coffee Mugs: I love to give coffee mugs as a gift with all sorts of cozy gifts stuffed inside or made into a basket. Think socks, cozy blankets, scarfs, hot chocolate mix! So perfect!
15. Automatic Wine Opener: This is the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life!! These things are so cool!!
16. Corivan Wine Dispenser: If you have someone in your life that loves wine and collects it! Buy them this!! It can take only a glass out of the bottle at one time without uncorking the bottle! So cool!
17. Spoon Rest: These are so cute and add a nice pop of color in the kitchen! I use mine all the time!
18. High Ball Glasses: Whiskey lovers?! These are the perfect gift for the Father-in-law or Brother-in-law you aren’t sure what to buy!
19: Jumbo Ice Maker: Just add this right into your cart along with the glasses! This is a whiskey drinkers dream! I feel that they work so much better than the stone cubes!
20. Sou Vide: Have a meat lover in your life? This thing is so cool! Cooks everything to the perfect temperature – hands free!!

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